Lyttleton Stores

Eat/Drink/Retail Education/Community Retail/Services

1 Badgery Cres, Lawson 2783, Blue Moutains NSW, Australia

Lyttleton Stores includes Atelier and Gallery, PanTree Produce store, Preserve workshops, Kitchen and Garden. 

Lyttleton Stores provides space and workshops for communities to grow through teaching and learning together.  Bottling tomatoes at summer’s end is one of the sociable, fun ways to practise preserving skills. Learning new skills increases people’s value of the work, time, process and dedication required to create beautiful unique products. Preserve is a workshop space, where visitors and locals can come to share and learn new and old creative arts and culinary skills. 

Our Atelier and Gallery stocks artisan jewellery, ceramics, work in fabric and paper, glass & leather ware and furniture designed and handmade in Australia.  We focus on local materials and craftspeople selected for their creativity, skill and care taken to make every piece. 

PanTree Produce is our organic grocery store stocking beautiful produce and products for your kitchen, pantry and home. We make many of our own products and grow some of our own produce in our organic backyard. Our organic fruit, vegetables and herbs are seasonally available in PanTree Produce store and will also stock our Kitchen. We source other amazing local and Australian producers and connect with other Blue Mountains organic backyard growers to barter produce.

Very soon our commercial Kitchen adjoining the garden and Preserve Workshop space will produce jams, chutney, pickles, preserves, cordials, ice-cream and dried fruit products for the PanTree Produce retail store, using excess fresh produce to make stock for sale and to decrease wastage. We also will be baking our own range of organic bread, cakes, biscuits and mueslis for sale at the PanTree Produce retail store. 

Our backyard organic gardens and orchard, Lyttleton Gardens, will be incorporating a food forest system with layers of edible or medicinal ground covers, shrubs, climbers and leguminous nitrogen-fixing plants. We make compost and feed our worm farms with the food scraps from the shop and kitchen – producing high quality compost for sale and for our garden. We also recycle everything it is possible to recycle.

photo by Nic McKinlay