Kindlehill School


8 Lake St Wentworth Falls , Blue Mountains 2782, Blue Mountains, Australia

Kindlehill is a K-10 school working creatively and in a contemporary way, out of the foundation of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy for education.

Kindlehill is a social deed. Our purpose is to educate children and young people to be powerfully equipped in becoming individuals who contribute to creating a more compassionate and fair society for all.

We support children and young people in developing a relationship to nature that engenders freedom, nourishes well-being and cultivates respectful interconnectedness as they live their lives.

Kindlehill seeks an alignment of values between home and school. We actively work to improve the sustainability activities of all within our community. Our recent campaigns include Ban the Bag in the Blue Mountains, and Ban Nuclear Weapons. Students participate annually in the Bushtrackers Programme, Streamwatch, and Waste to Art, and in 2017 in the Waterways Festival.

Within the school we have active programmes in:

  • Upcycling
  • Biodynamic compost making
  • Flourish Food Garden Programme
  • Seasonal celebrations every season, with a sustainable community focus
  • Use of solar power
  • Use of sustainable, recycled and energy efficient building materials in all buildings
  • Use of water tanks
  • A programme to eliminate the wasteful and non-durable plastics in our school
  • Nude Food November – encouraging food without packaging
  • Reduce all unnecessary purchasing; education programmes on recycling – and ongoing implementation of these programs in all classes
  • Regular class camps for all years promoting respect and humility for nature.

Teachers, parents and students are a vibrant community, that supports the flourishing of children and young people – and in doing so, contributes to what is good for all humanity.