Richardson & Wrench Blackheath


28 Govetts Leap Road, , Blackheath 2780, Blue Moutains and Sydney , Australia
Operating a local real estate business in the midst of a World Heritage area inspires us to foster community connections that nourish a sense of responsibility to our unique environment. It the beauty and purity of the landscape and air, after all, that attracts so many to make a home or retreat in the Blue Mountains. Time again we see purchasers put a premium value on what we are lucky enough to take for granted, an irreplaceable environment like no other in the world. It is in all our best interests to treasure what we love and what sustains us, to tread as lightly as possible upon this unique and precious landscape. In townships across the mountains, despite having inherited systems and infrastructure somewhat reliant on non-renewable resources, we have found that there are always opportunities to layer a more sensitive and sustainable approach, incorporating 21st Century technologies and awareness. 

R&W Blackheath welcomes the initiative of Low Carbon Living Blue Mountains, whose philosophy maintains that through education, collaboration, support and that by responding together to the needs of a changing world we can all make a difference. The little everyday choices we make –such as using paper from sustainable sources and digital filing, two-sided printing, layering up with thermals and turning down the heater, flicking the light switch off when leaving a room, having keep-cups for our office coffee addiction…even these small, incremental changes make a pathway to a more sustainable future. 

R&W Blackheath proudly commits to following the exceptional lead of fellow Blue Mountains businesses that are recognising the need for universal action to stem climate change.



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