A revolution begins with collective change – of mindset, behaviour, lifestyle and aspiration – in favour of a sustained, balanced future, which benefits us all. Reduction Revolution is a Sydney-based online distribution company that offers the tools and expertise to revolutionise energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption and cost.

The concept is simple. Educate the public about sustainability and provide quality, affordable products that manage energy usage and result in cost-effective changes. Local resident, Ryan McCarthy, is the founder, owner and director of Reduction Revolution and a new member to the Low Carbon Living program. He comments that “solar power attracts a great deal of media exposure but there’s not enough emphasis on alternative, reasonably-priced energy efficient products, which provide a quick return on investment, and are reliable and easy to maintain”.

Ryan, a qualified photovoltaic engineer and energy efficiency expert, began collaborating with colleagues from sustainability-promoting organisations Steplight and Negergy 10 years ago, by globally sourcing products that endorsed energy efficiency. At the time, an abundance of ‘gadgets’ saturated the market that proved unworthy investments. The seeds were sown for a distribution company that provides high quality products from reputable brands, that are easy to self-install and maintain. The need for support services such as energy audits, sustainability workshops and training courses were also identified. Reduction Revolution was launched in 2010 and has since catered to 30, 000 customers across Australia and New Zealand.

With winter upon us, heating is a top priority for businesses and property owners throughout the Blue Mountains. As temperatures drop energy bills soar. Homes and businesses generally consume 50% of their energy use in heating, cooling and hot water systems. If solar-powered heating systems are not an option, alternatives need to be considered. Electric and oil column heaters are inefficient in directing heat and drive high electricity bills, consuming thousands of watts unnecessarily. Electric fans or convection heaters direct heat horizontally but need more energy to maintain high temperatures as air movement promotes cooling.  Bar and panel radiator-type heaters produce radiant heat but are high ‘performance per watt’ power consumers, they also pose fire risks and have ephemeral life spans.  

If direct heating takes precedence, Reduction Revolution offers a Heat Master Foot Mat Heater, which delivers heat directly under a desktop or it lies adjacent to a sofa. With an annual cost of $10 to run, the heat mat uses 90% less energy than electric heaters. The mat delivers radiant/conductive heat directly to where it is needed, and distributes an even temperature. If used in conjunction with an EcoSwitch, it allows easier access to the power button and cuts standby power to zero. As an effective energy management device, the HeaterMate Plug-in Thermostat accurately senses and controls the actual room temperature by turning the appliance (heater fan or air-conditioner) on and off at the powerpoint. This is significant as every 1˚C of unnecessary heating adds around 10% to heating bills.

Monitoring energy consumption can be self-audited with the Efergy Elite Wireless Energy Monitor the keeping track of hourly, daily and weekly energy usage. It is the world’s best selling in-home energy display unit (with over half a million unit sold) and is suitable for single and three-phase households. Simple and easy to use, it displays current and historical energy usage and cost, time, temperature and humidity, and an optional alarm function warns when a pre-set power usage level is exceeded. For specific use, Plug-in Power Meters measure and track power consumption of individual appliances or circuits, noting current power consumption, electricity usage over time and a range of other metrics including amps and voltage.

Reduction Revolution also includes a Solar Powered Solar Air Heater in its varied range of products. The Solar Air Heater is 100% solar powered with zero running costs. It can be mounted on the wall or the roof.

Energy efficient lighting options available online include renowned brands such as Osram, Philips and Verbatim offering LED light bulbs, LED Fluro tube lights, LED filament globes (dimmable), LED motion sensor lights and fittings (minimising energy usage) and accessories such as power plugs, dimmer switches, LED transformers, motion sensors and light meters. Energy savings of up to 80% are guaranteed.

As a service provider, Reduction Revolution conducts energy audits, organises courses and workshops and delivers complete sustainability programs in partnership with local government, energy utilities and others. “We are more than happy to advise our fellow Low Carbon Living members, local businesses and residents about saving energy, money and the environment. An appointment is only a phone call away” says Ryan.

Online resources include The Energy Freedom Home Book and The Business Energy Auditing Handbook. "Reduction Revolution also pledges $10 to every $100 online purchase to a number of sustainability organisations."


In other news, invention company Lead Tech have developed new space heating that runs heat pumped water through radiators to warm hotel rooms as well as other living and working spaces. Lead Tech heat pumps are silent, highly efficient and use heat from the air to heat water, with no additional heating elements like other brands. This is not unlike an Air Conditioner working in reverse.

The system’s efficiency can be boosted by incorporating solar collectors that assist in producing higher water temperatures which are generally well above 70 degrees celsius for much less cost than using gas fired boilers.  Lead Tech heat pumps come in various sizes.

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And finally, now that we are nearing the end of the financial year, there’s never been a better time to refurbish your workplace, school or business with energy efficient carbon saving products. The Australian Taxation Office is currently offering a $20,000 instant asset write off scheme for businesses with goods needing to be purchased, installed & paid for before 30th June. For more information click here: https://www.ato.gov.au/Newsroom/smallbusiness/Lodging-and-paying/$20,000-instant-asset-write-off

Reduce. Embrace. Evolve: providing residents, schools and businesses with knowledge and technology may save the planet and ensure a better future for all.

As the Chinese saying goes: ‘talk doesn’t cook rice’