Pearce Furniture & Bedding
Looking after locals.

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110 Bathurst Rd., Katoomba NSW 2780, Katoomba 2780, Blue Mountains , Australia

Pearce Furniture and Bedding is a must-stop shop for those looking for quality furniture and bedding, home decor and the latest in Sleep Technology by A.H Beard.  

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, Pearce Furniture and Bedding is the smart choice, with an impressive range of new mattresses on offer including best selling brand A.H. Beard.

Not only are the prices competitive, Pearce Furniture and Bedding are well known for looking after locals with their $1 local delivery fee and outstanding customer service.

With an eye on style, and the future, Pearce stock the latest local and Australian made quality products.   The majority of waste including floppy plastics, wood, cardboard, and used mattresses are repurposed or recycled via local services and networks. 

The Pearce Store is about to have LED lighting installed throughout, and may even switch to a ‘Green Electricity’ retailer such as Powershop. 

With natural ventilation and only two instore infrared heaters for client comfort, the energy usage for heating and cooling is minimal. 

Store manager and stylist, Sasha Laughton, and owner Ron, run a friendly, community minded store where quality customer service is always their priority. 

Visit them today to browse their comprehensive range displayed, or give Sasha or Don a call on 0448 516 782 or 0427 514 853 to find out more.