The Low Carbon Living - Blue Mountains project aims to help Blue Mountains businesses and communities reduce their overall carbon footprint and do their bit to reduce the threat that climate change represents for the region. 

More extreme weather events leading to dangerous and damaging bushfires, droughts and floods will have seriously impact on the ecosystems of the World Heritage area and the quality of life of those living in this region.

This Low Carbon Living web site provides visitors and residents with a unique opportunity to support businesses who are reducing their carbon footprint. 

To find out more about the program click on this link to watch our video.

Business assessment process

To be part of this program the 80 businesses in the pilot phase have been:

  • Audited for their energy, water and waste usage
  • Advised to how they can become more efficient in using carbon based resources
  • Assessed as to what they have done
  • Had their carbon reduction calculated 

You will notice that many have been given a gold, silver or bronze ratings to indicate their achievements. Find out more about the ratings system

Some have achieved up to 15% reductions over one year.

If you are a business and would like to join the project find out now how you can become a member.

To use our carbon calculator click on this link

Visitors and residents can help too

There is however a second part to this project, and this is where you, the resident or visitor, can play your part.  

The businesses in the upper Blue Mountains that are part of the project include hotels, B&B’s, restaurants, cafes, along with transport and activity providers.  

By using the services of businesses who have reduced their carbon footprint you can reduce yours.  You not only reduce your own footprint, but you also encourage businesses to continue to reduce their carbon footprint– helping to protect the beautiful, yet vulnerable environment in which you live or are visiting.  

To find out more about what you could also be doing at your home, visit the blog and resource section of this website. Here you can find out what has being done elsewhere in the Mountains, throughout the country and internationally.  There is information on training programs, and local trades people who can help you reduce your carbon costs and footprint. 


This project has been developed by the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute in conjunction with the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, the Blue Mountains City Council, and the National Parks & Wildlife Service. It is anticipate that other regions across the country may wish to adopt this model. If you are interested contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..